The Medical Advisors Group of South Africa is a voluntary association that has specific objective and actions in terms of medical advisors and its name shall be the ‘Medical Advisors Group of South Africa’ (hereinafter referred to as ‘The Group”).


The objectives for which the Group is established are:

2.1 To advise and guide the funders of healthcare with the aim of optimizing the health care of patients.
2.2 To promote cost effective healthcare.
2.3 To ensure equitable and fair treatment of providers of healthcare.
2.4 To contribute towards sustainable funding of healthcare.
2.5 To be socially responsible to those needy in health.


To reach these objectives the Group shall:

3.1 Identify guidelines to best practice and cost effective therapy and provide a resource for collaboration and guidance on funding decisions related to appropriateness of therapy.
3.2 Identify and prioritise issues of medical management which are impacting on the health care industry, and, where possible, reach consensus which will simplify funding decisions.
3.3 Set up a process whereby information sharing can contribute towards accumulation of meaningful datasets upon which rational therapy and funding decisions can be made.
3.4 Contribute to the debates on health policy and the structure of the health system in South Africa where it affects medical advisors.
3.5 Engage in socially responsible projects to promote health in communities.
3.6 The Group may take such other actions regarding communication, web and digital presence, or other matters, as may be deemed necessary in all matters affecting the legitimate interests of its members.


Health professionals registered with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA) or other statutory healthcare council, who advise medical schemes or managed healthcare companies on a full-time or part-time basis on medical matters and related subjects and policies, are eligible for membership. Three types of membership exist:

Any medical or dental practitioner who is registered as such with the HPCSA shall be entitled to apply for full membership of the Group.

Any other person who is registered with the HPCSA or with another clinical statutory council and is employed or contracted in the funding industry but does not fulfill the criteria of a full member. Associate Members shall not have voting rights in matters affecting the Group or be liable for election to the Executive Committee.

Honorary Membership may be granted by the Executive Committee of the Group to persons who qualify for such membership. Honorary Members shall be entitled to such privileges as may from time to time be determined by the Executive Committee of the Group.

Candidates for membership shall be accepted providing they qualify under one of the categories listed in this section. Should there be a question as to their eligibility a decision will be made by a majority vote by the Executive Committee of the Group.

Every member shall remain a member until their membership is terminated either by their resignation in writing addressed to the Honorary Secretary, by changing their employment status so that they are no longer eligible, subject to a one year grace period unless they enter another career path, by the decision of the Executive Committee of the Group, after due process, or by failing to pay the annual subscription.

The activities of the Group shall be suspended if at any time its members shall be less than eleven full members. The Group shall only be suspended in terms of this clause or dissolved according to clause 11.


5.1 The general control and direction of the policy and affairs of the Group shall be vested in the Executive Committee of the Group.
5.2 The Executive Committee shall hold office for two years and shall consist of a Chairperson, a Vice-Chairperson, an Honorary Secretary, a Treasurer, and three other members. The election of members of the Executive Committee shall be by popular vote at the Biennial General Meeting of the Group.
5.3 The Honorary Secretary may call for postal nominations for the new Executive Committee. Notice of the election and a request for nominations will be dispatched at least 90 days before the Biennial General Meeting. Each nomination must be referred to the Honorary Secretary, signed by the proposer, the seconder, and the proposed candidate. The closing time for the nominations will be 12 noon on the first day of the Biennial General Meeting.
5.4 The Honorary Secretary of the Group shall keep records of all meetings of the Group and of its Executive Committee, and shall conduct all correspondence concerning the affairs of the Group. The Honorary Treasurer shall receive all monies due to the Group and shall make all disbursements authorised by the Executive Committee, in cooperation with one other member of the Executive Committee, who will be appointed by the Executive Committee.



6.1.1 The Biennial General Meeting of the Group shall be held on a date determined by the Executive Committee. Special General Meetings of the Group may be held from time to time and shall be called by the Executive Committee or on the written request of at least eleven full members of the Group.
6.1.2 A quorum for general meetings shall be 20% of full members present for the duration of the meeting. If a quorum is not reached at any time, such meeting will be adjourned or postponed to another date. If a quorum is not reached at a postponed meeting, the members present shall be deemed to constitute a quorum.
6.1.3 Resolutions at a general meeting will be carried if the majority of voting members, either in person or by proxy, approve any proposal nominated for a vote. The Executive Committee shall have the casting vote in a tie.
6.1.4 Proxy representation and votes: A member entitled to vote may nominate any other full member as their representative proxy at a general meeting. A member entitled to vote may vote by proxy on specific matters as listed on a proxy form at a general meeting. Invitations for proxy representation and specific votes will be communicated to voting members 1 month prior to a general meeting, and considered valid subject to their proxy votes being received at least 6 hours before the start of the meeting by the Chairperson or Secretary of the Group. A member entitled to vote may not nominate a non-member to attend or vote as their proxy. Proxy votes will not be accepted for election purposes


6.2.1 Executive Committee meetings will be held as deemed necessary.
6.2.2 A quorum for an Executive Committee meeting shall be a minimum of four Executive Committee members


Any meetings in terms of the objects of MAG may be sponsored by industry players. Acceptance of sponsorships shall be at the discretion of the Executive Committee, subject to such being appropriate and without perverse incentive.


7.1 It shall be competent for the Group to allow the formation of sub-groups of the Group or in such other manner as may be desirable. Such sub-groups may be allowed powers or independent actions in local matters provided that such actions are not in conflict with the general policy and rules of the Group,
7.2 Such sub-groups shall elect a Chairperson, and an Executive Committee consisting of three members, at the Biennial-General Meeting of the sub-group which shall be held two months prior to the Biennial General Meeting of the Group.
7.3 Reports of local action taken shall be submitted by the Honorary Secretary / Treasurer of the sub-group to the Honorary Secretary and the Treasurer of the Group.
7.4 Each sub-group shall have a minimum membership of four full members.


An annual subscription shall be payable by members of the Group in order to provide funds for the pursuance of the work of the Group. The amount and structure of the subscription shall be determined by the Executive Committee.


The Chairperson and the Treasurer shall submit a Biennial Report and a Financial Statement at the Biennial General Meeting of the Group.


Any proposed amendments to the constitution shall be communicated to the Secretary in writing, or as proposed by the Executive Committee. Amendments to the Constitution shall be subject to a two-thirds majority approval of full members at a General Meeting of the Group. Proxy votes will be subject to 6.1.4.


The Group may be dissolved subject to a two-thirds majority vote of full members at a General Meeting. Proxy votes will be subject to 6.1.4.

In the event of the dissolution of the Group any remaining assets of the Group after all debts and obligations have been discharged shall not be paid, given to, or divided amongst the members of the Group, but be given or transferred to any other entity engaged in activities similar to those for which this Group was established.

Members attending the final General Meeting of the Group or the Executive Committee of the Group will designate such other group by majority vote.

If no other desirable beneficiary entity is identified the Executive Committee may disburse any remaining assets in terms of the Group’s socially responsible projects initiatives by majority vote.

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